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Albums by this artist:

Bob the Bob
Harlem Nocturne
Voice of Chunk
Do the Wrong Thing
Incident on South Street
Au Contraire Arto
Well You Needn't
The First and Royal Queen
Conquest of Rar
I Remember Coney Island
Uncle Jerry
The Hanging
Fatty Walks
You Haunt Me
One Big Yes
A Paper Bag and the Sun
Bob the Bob (Home)
She Drove Me Mad
Scary Children
Queen of All Ears
The Birds Near Her House
No Pain For Cakes
Monsters Over Bangkok
Three Crowns of Wood
John Zorn's S&M Circus
Queen Reprise
Big Heart
My Trip To Ireland
Carry Me Out
Bob And Nico
My Clown's On Fire
Where Were You
Cue For Passion
The Magic Of Palermo
Tango #3, Determination for Rosa Parks
Hair Street
Fat House
Pure and Deep (feat. Nathan Bullet)
It Could Have Been Very, Very Beautiful
They Were Insane
The Punch And Judy Tango
Evan's Drive To Mombasa