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Albums by this artist:

Give the Bastards Hell
The Old Orange Flute
Lessons from the Empty Glass
Through the Flames
The Letter
Kids on the Street
Whiskey and Gin
Lullaby for the Working Man
For Love of Country
Prodigal Son
Season of My Weakness
Shame and Sorrow
Santy Anno
Ballad for My Old Man
The Holy Ground
Story of Tom Mathine
Karskys Dead Soldiers
Liquor Store
This is We
Robbers Roost
Radneys Ghost
Martyrs of the Lower Middle Class
New Revolution
Captains of Industry
Apathetie Notions
Road Down
Hit the Deck
Self Deprecated
Cold Outside
Never on the Mend
Don't Call me a Liar
Desperate Cry
Empty Streets
Throw It Away
Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
The Bottoms
Hey Sergio
Salt of the Earth
The Throes of Misery
Ghosts of Our Fathers
Take Me Back
From the Underground
Burn It Down
Karsky's Dead Soldiers
The Cornhusker (Come a Runnin Boys)
One Angry Voice