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Look At Miss Ohio
Drinking Too Much
Changin' The Weather
Kill Devil Hills
People Stain
Boneyard Rider
Did I Damage You?
Changin' the Weather (Reprise)
The Heathen Song
When The Wolf Comes
Nasty Business
The Drought
Dogs O' War
It's Easy When You Don't Know How
I Don't Think This Shit Can Last Much Longer
Drugs, Spices & Silk
I Wonder If She's Thinking Of Me
New Country
The Forsaken Few
This Old Town
Words From Robin To Batman
The White Lady
Jesus Train
Trying to Forget
Cool My Desire
I Am The Rut, I Am The Wheel
Bad Wine and Women
Chinese Burns
Lion In The Pillar
Tryin' to Forget About You
We Belong Here In Space
The Long Goodbye
What comes after
Look At Miss Ohio (Gillian Welch)
You'll Never Die in This Town Again