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Back of My Hand
Back of My Hand (I've Got Your Number)
Evening Standards
Woman's World
Tune Into Heaven
Party Games
The Tourist
She's So Considerate
Here Comes My Baby
Desert Island Discs
Little Boy Lost
Last Picture Show
Back Of My Hand - Single Version
I Never Was A Beachboy
The Sound Of G-o-o-d-b-y-e
Dumb Blonde
Single Vision - BMW
The Train and the Plane
Small Change
Silver Birds
Mind Reader
Little Lloyd Wright
Fearing A Tornado
Another Town, Another Place
Single Vision
Back Of Your Hand
Double vision
I Never Was A Beach Boy
Another Town Another Place
What Can I Do
Back Of My Hand (BBC)
Single Vision / Bmw
the hunch
Party Games (BBC)
Back of My Hand (Single Version)
Sky High
Back Of My Hand [Single Version]
What can I do?
Here Comes My Baby (Cat Stevens cover)
Back Of My Hand (UK 1979)
Back Of My Hand Single Version
The Jags/Back Of My Hand
Do You Love Me Still?
I Got Your Number
Single vision / BWM
When You're Wandering Home
Back Of My Hand (Album Version)
Back Of My Hands