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Albums by this artist:

Drunken Sailor
The Unicorn
The Jolly Roving Tar
The Orange And The Green
Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye
Up Among The Heather
Star of the County Down
I'm a Rover
Lily The Pink
The Irish Rover
The Black Velvet Band
Nancy Whiskey
The Dublin Pub Crawl
Donald Where's Your Trousers
Good Luck To The Barleymow
Christmas in Killarney
The Goodship Rover
The Rake
Whores And Hounds
The Roving Trade
Goodbye Mrs. Durkin
whiskey in the jar
Years May Come, Years May Go
Belle Of Belfast City
The Shores of Botany Bay
Mick Maguire
Don't Call Me Early in the Morning
Wasn't That A Party
All For Me Grog
No Nay Never
Liverpool Lou
Black Velvet Band
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
King Of The Faeries
Dear Ould Ireland
Good King Wenceslas
Finnegan's Wake
Three Jolly Rogues
Bonnie Kellswater
The Marvelous Toy
Weigh, Hey And Up She Rises
The Wind That Shakes The Corn
Goodnight Irene
Cruising 'round Yarmouth
Puff the Magic Dragon
Trust In Drink
Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer
Finnegan’s Wake
Goodbye Mick And Goodbye Pat