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People Get Ready
It's All Right
People Get Ready - Single Version
Keep On Pushing
I'm So Proud
Fool for You
We're A Winner
I've Been Trying
Gypsy Woman
This Is My Country
Talking About My Baby
Woman's Got Soul
You've Been Cheatin'
For Your Precious Love
Choice Of Colors
You Must Believe Me
It's All Right - Single Version
Check out Your Mind
I'm The One Who Loves You
Keep On Pushing - Single Version
I'm Loving Nothing
Seven Years
Can't Satisfy
Little Young Lover
I Loved And I Lost
They Don't Know
I'm So Proud - Single Version
Meeting Over Yonder
We're A Winner - Single Version
We Must Be In Love
Gypsy Woman - Single Version
Gone Away
Stay Close To Me
Grow Closer Together
You Want Somebody Else
Never Let Me Go
Minstrel And Queen
Jealous Man
The Young Mods' Forgotten Story
See The Real Me
It's Alright
So Unusual
Choice Of Colors - Single Version
Make a Resolution
I Need You
My Deceiving Heart
You've Been Cheatin' - Single Version
(Man Oh Man) I Want To Go Back
You Always Hurt Me