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Albums by this artist:

A Blade To Take the World
Black Out Your Heart Man
Waiting TO Die
Better Things
Let Me Get To the Point
Sleep by your Grave
I'll Be Alright
Powder Keg
You Don't Have To
Awful Sound
I Sell Death
Sleeping in a Lighthouse
Tough Fucking News
Silo Town U.S.A.
Take Another Hit
The Standford Torus
Ad Lucem By Lamplight
Ft. Worth Body Count
Bombs Away
Building a Christ
Nuclear Swing
Ghostly Ride
Napalm the World
Straight Class
Blood, Death & Violence
Death Rite, Pts. 3 & 4
Sleeping In The Lighthouse
The Stanford Torus
Girl What You're Doing Is Wrong
Beastmode (Beastmode Version)
Fort Worth Body Count
Silo Town USA
Come on Alright (Beastmode Version)
I Sell Death (Beastmode Version)
Starry Night