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Albums by this artist:

Wet Dream
Sugar Daddy
The Surf Song
What's Your Sign?
Rocker Girl
Ordinateur Ordinaire
Anais Nin vs. The Pirates of Santa Cruz
Green & Gold
Jaguar Love
Max's Mankini
Boogie Nights
Anaïs Nin vs. The Pirates of Santa Cruz
Keep on Runnin' (The Vampire Song)
Only With You
Rain or Shine
Matt Skiba Sandwich
Celiac Love Song
Boys on Bikes
Slow Cookin'
Summertime Dreams
Green and Gold
Santa Baby
Hey Hey
Santa Baby (a la Toddies)
The Hot Toddies - Keep On Runnin' (The Vampire Song)
That Ain't Right
Summertime Blues
Last Chance Saloon
The Hot Toddies - Seattle
Rockin' Crickets
The Hot Toddies - Sugar Daddy
Skidmarks On My Heart
The Hot Toddies - Wet Dream
The Hot Toddies - Photosynthesis
03 Summertime Blues
Shakin' And Stompin'
The Hot Toddies: Santa Baby
Keep On Runnin
"Summertime Blues"
The Hot Toddies - Ordinateur Ordinaire
Suck My Balls
Surf Song
Anai's Nin vs. The Pirates of Santa Cruz