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Albums by this artist:

The Peerless Pool
Looking Down on London
Newport Market
The Culvert
Sandbridge Court
Baltic Wharf
Harmony Hall
Around the Steeple
Near Windmill Bridge
Long Gone
St John Horsleydown
Woodberry Vale
Sluice House Tavern
The Fields Lie Sleeping Underneath
Pepy’s Walk
Penny’s Folly
Harringay House
sunshine on a warm brick wall
The Last Nightingale in London
walter r stokes
fanny j fluck
Mr Clark
After The Rain
Theme to Stagdale
St John's Horselydown
Pepy's Walk
The Cutty Wren
In The Museum
Sulice House Tavern
harringey house
Pennys Folly
We Waltzed at The Astoria Theatre
Sketches In D Minor
Signs of Spring
Sunlight on a Warm Brick Wall
We Waltzed At The Victoria Theatre
Penny's Folly
Cut Throat Lane
Sketches In D Minor (Radio Edit)
The Play Ground
The Theme To Stagdale
Fanny J Flack
Walter R.Stokes
Sunshine on a Warm Brickwall
Harringway House
The Last Nigtingale In London