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Albums by this artist:

Do Your Sister
Told Her I'm From Compton
All Outta Love
The Floor Is Made Of Lava
Lost In The Woods
IKEA Did A Job On You
Pick Up A Shovel
Harder Than You Think
Tango In My Tummy
Leave Me Now (Leave Me Tomorrow)
House of Cards
Traditional 84
Ain't Half Bad
The Bigger Picture
You Ain't A Bitch (Bitch)
Over the Top/Valley of Darkness
Sailors, Cowboys & Indians
Howl at the Moon (Wolf Cried Peter)
Place in the Sun
On the Ropes (Out of Line)
Party of Friends
God Save Henri
Forever, Again & Then Some
Make It Here I
Make it Here II
5-Vice (Saint Pauli Remix)
All Outta Love - Remastered
Told Her I'm from Compton (Electrojuice Remix)
Place in the Sun (Single Edit)
Sørøver Jenny
Do Your Sister (James Braun Does Ya Mama Too Mix)
Vice (Saint Pauli RMX extended)
Leave Me Now, Leave Me Tomorrow
All Outta Love - Alternate Version
Boys Love Girls Love Boys…
Leave Me Now - Acoustic Demo '08
Akvariefist (Live)
Harder Than You Think - Remastered
Howl At The Moon
Over the Top (Valley of Darkness)