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Nothing But A Heartache
Christmas Time Is Here Again
Change My Darkness Into Light
Stronger Than Her Love
Need Your Loving
Someone Out There
This Must Be the End of the Line
I Wanna Be There
How Can You Tell Me?
What's Good About Goodbye My Love
South Carolina
Can't Stop Loving You
Keep on Searching
Give Me Love
Love is a Sad Song
Love a Little Longer
How Can You Tell Me
Momma I'm Comin' Home
Everybody Needs Somebody
Hold On To Me Babe
Once I Had Love
Stop In The Name Of Love
You Keep Me Hanging On - Original
You Keep Me Hanging On
Once I Had A Love
Momma I'm coming home
Resist The Temptation
Baby Love
The Flirt Song
Earthquake 2008 (Almighty Radi
Xmas Time is Here Again
Everybody needs somebody (to love in the end)
Earthquake (Almighty 12" Definitive Mix)
Little Darlin'
Nothing But a Heartache - Live
Wnat's Good About Goodbye My Love
Little Darling (I Need You)
Settle Down
Back On My Feet Again
Everything Possible
Run For The Exit
Time After Time
Stronger The Her Love
Time (Restless & Volatile Big Room Vocal Mix)
Something Inside So Strong
He's a Saint, He's a Sinner