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Good Luck Darling
Why Don't You Believe Me?
I Don't Have To Hunt No More
You're My Inspiration
Lullabye Of The Bells
You Could Be My Love
Popcorn Willie
Later Later Baby
Alone Again
I Want You
You Came to Me
Keep It A Secret
19.50 $ Bus
At The Fair
$19.50 Bus
Why Don't You Believe Me
You Win Again
I Can't Pretend
My Story
Just A Part Of Life
Who Can Be True
Ooh Wee Baby
The Man From The Moon
God Bless You
Good Luck Darlin
Do You Remember
I Don't Have To Hurt No More
1950 Bus
Lullaby Of The Bells
Later Baby Later
The Man On the Moon
19.50$ Bus
My Lovely One
Why Don’t You Believe Me
You're My Inspiraton
19.50 $ Bus (1952)
My Lonely One
I Cant Pretend
Later, Later Baby
Oh, Lovely One
I Don't Have To Hunt No More (1953)
If I Were King
Good Luck, Darling
Ohh Wee Baby
Oh Lovely One
You Are My Inspiration