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Albums by this artist:

Let's Go Surfing
Down By The Water
Best Friend
Me And The Moon
Lets Go Surfing
Forever And Ever Amen
Book Of Stories
Skippin' Town
It Will All End In Tears
I'll Never Drop My Sword
I Need Fun In My Life
I Don't Know How To Love
We Tried
The Future
Book Of Revelation
What You Were
Saddest Summer
Make You Mine
Hard To Love
How It Ended
I Felt Stupid
Please Don't Leave
Searching For Heaven
If He Likes It Let Him Do It
I Need A Doctor
In The Cold
Blood Under My Belt
Don't Be A Jerk, Jonny
I Can't Pretend
Don't Be A Jerk, Johnny
Kiss Me Again
Heart Basel
I Hope Time Doesn't Change Him
Magic Mountain
626 Bedford Avenue
Body Chemistry
Meet Me In Mexico
Blue Stripes
Let Me
Face of God
Instruct Me
Break My Heart
What We Had
There Is Nothing Left
U.S. National Park
Deep in My Heart