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Albums by this artist:

Catch The Fall
Second Sight
Pushing The River
Love That You Need
Host To The Holy
Real Life, Real Answers
Real Life Real Answers
Face To Face
Shining (Am Ex Mix)
Shining AmEx Mix
Second Sight ("Catch the Fall" (1987))
moving circles
The Shining (Am Ex Mix)
04-Love that You Need
08-Pushing the River
05-Real Life, Real Answers
06-Host to the Holy
03-Second Sight
01-Catch the Fall
07-My Winter
Move In Circles
Second Sight & Pushing The River
Second Sight ('Catch the Fall' (1987))
Shining 12" Mix
Light Years
Shining (Am Ex Edit)
The Dolphin Brothers- Second Sight
All That I Need
The Dolphin Brothers- Catch The Fall
Shining (Am Extended Mix)
The Dolphin Brothers- Real Life Real Answers
Blood & Thunder
The Dolphin Brothers - Host To The Holy (1987)
The Dolphin Brothers - Face to Face
Isnt It A LoveThat You're After
Subtle Bodies
move in circles (Japanese only)
Remains in a Fragile Illusion
Shining (Mix)(truncated 4.01)
Mother London
Bonus Track - Face To Face (Japan's Vers.)
Everything Ends in Darkness
Nocturnal Sightseeing