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Albums by this artist:

A Life of Possibilities
Memory Machine
Spider in the Snow
You Are Invited
What Do You Want Me to Say?
I Love a Magician
Back and Forth
Girl O' Clock
Sentimental Man
The Face of the Earth
Pay for the Piano
Following Through
Ellen and Ben
The Ice of Boston
The Other Side
Secret Curse
What Do You Want Me To Say
Tonight We Mean It
Academy Award
Do the Standing Still
That's When The Party Started
This Is the Life
One Too Many Blows to the Head
Manipulate Me
Respect Is Due
The Things That Matter
No One's Saying Nothing
The Small Stuff
Soon To Be Ex-Quaker
If I Don't Write
I'm Going to Buy You a Gun
OK Jokes Over
Daddy Was a Real Good Dancer
Onward, Fat Girl
13th and Euclid
Wouldn't You Like to Know