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Albums by this artist:

I Love You So
Capital Hillbillies
Low Brow
No Help Wanted
Fun Forest
Crow Bar
Gee - The Crows 1953
Mexican Rock Fight
I Know Where You Live
Go Look In The Crisper
Side Show
I Really, Really Love You
Roll It
Call a Doctor
Land Of The Blind
Crows Theme
Baby Doll
Aunt Farm
Gee (LP Version)
Dr. Dirty
Don't Play Around
Dunce Cap
Dead Beat
Mambo Shevitz
Miss You
Heartbreaker (LP Version)
Gee - LP Version
I Love You So (LP Version)
Seven Lonely Days
Sweet Sue, Just You (LP Version)
Call A Doctor (LP Version)
Seven Lonely Days (LP Version)
Perfidia (LP Version)
Gee - 1953
Gee - Digitally Remastered
Miss You (LP Version)
Mambo Shevitz (Man, Oh Man) (LP Version)
Baby (LP Version)
Go Look In The Crispen
Gee! (From "Platoon")
Mambo Shevitz (Man, Oh Man)
Sweet Sue Just You
Mambo Shevitz (Man Oh Man)
Gee ? The Crows
I Really, Really Love You (LP Version)