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Albums by this artist:

The Butcher of Bessarabia
The Rom Rebellion
44 Gallon Drom
Lost in Transcription
Flight From Damascus
Run Leroy Run
Countess Bathory's Finishing School for Girls
The Ruination of Junkyard Joe
The Drowned Sun
Clockwork Bride
Rain in the Morning
All These Pitchforks Make Me Nervous
The Mountain Hag's Advice
Over Hill and Under Hill
Beneath Ash and Ocean
What the Thunder Said
Rise of the Sapiens
Kings of the Mud
The Vanishing Shapes Of A Better World
Counter Errorism
Song of the Sandgrinder
Neptune's Fool
Twilight to Darkness
Undeadutante's Ball
Shanti and the Singing Fish
The Horsethief's Sweetheart
Introducing the Horsethief's Sweetheart
The Twin Peaks, and the other peak, of Mt Kilimanjaro
The Deepwater Drownings, Part I
Flight from Damascus (The Wheelie Bin Party remix)
The Butcher of Bessarabia (Butcher of Ribongia MoR remix)
The Deepwater Drownings Part II - Moving Pieces of the Sea
The Deepwater Drownings, Part II: Moving Pieces of the Sea
What the Thunder Said Again
big bad bessie
The Deepwater Drownings Part 1 (radio edit)
Rise EP sampler
Escape from Damascus
The Twin Peaks And The Other Peak Of Mt. Kilimanjaro
The Deepwater Drownings (Part One)
The Deepwater Drownings (Part Two) - Moving Pieces Of The Sea
The Deepwater Drowning (Part One - Radio Edit)
The Deepwater Drownings - Part 1
44 Gallon Drum
The Twin Peaks and The Other Peak Of Mt Kilimanjaro
All These Pitschforks Make Me Nervous