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Albums by this artist:

Open Sores
After Sunset
Some Things Never Change
Now with Feeling
Stillborn Genius
Wet Behind the Eyes
Take My Flower & Run
The Second Shortcoming of Christ
The Beige Collection
Female Behavior Book
Hands of Love (Around My Throat)
Pie in My Eye
Doghouse Rag
I Feel Therefore I Am
My Conscience is Clean
Wise Guy Algorithm
Red-headed Girlfriend
Happy Armageddon
Bodie, Don't Jump
Mike's Dust
Clon Time
Teenage Life
When She Came Back
My Ohio River Valley View
The Look on your Face
Cindy Lou
Take Me Back
Lickity Split
These Final Moments
Song for the Girls
Come All Ye' Faithful
Martian Childcare
Sittin' Pretty
Prized Pig (Song for Laura)
The Human Puzzle
Mint Condition
A Killing
(If I) Laugh Enough
Transatlantic Romantic
I Spy
Sweet Mother Earth
Like a Man
Devil Book
Silverback Sexdrive