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Albums by this artist:

Flower of Scotland
The Black Douglas
Bonnie Dundee
Shoals O' Herring
The Isle Of Skye
The Skye Boat Song
The Bluebells Of Scotland
Scots Wha Hae
The Rose Of Allendale
Sound The Pibroch
I Will Go
A Man's A Man
Wha Wadna Fecht For Charlie
The Massacre Of Glencoe
The Bricklayer's Song
Helen Of Kirkconnel
Peggy Gordon
Medley: Loch Lomond:Farewel to the Creeks
Flood Garry
The Portree Kid
Macpherson's Rant
Will Ye Go Lassie Go
The Collier Laddie
Will Ye Go Lassie Go - Live
The News From Moidart
Maids When You're Young
Westering Home (Songs Of The Isles)
Garten Mother's Lullaby
Sunday Driver
Stirling Brig
Derwentwater's Farewell
The Sherramuir Fight
Barrett's Privateers
The Heidless Cross
Dark Lochnagar
Loch Lomond
Twa Recruiting Sergeants
The Roses Of Prince Charlie
Johnny Cope
The Bonnie Ship the Diamond
The Lammas Tide
The Wild Mountain Thyme
Dumbarton's Drums
Westering Home
Come O'er The Stream Charlie
A Scottish Holiday
Lock the Door Lariston