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Albums by this artist:

The Door Is Still Open
Wheel of Fortune
Shouldn't I Know
Choo Choo
Come Back My Love
Pretty Baby Blues
Go Go Baby
I'll Always Love You
Please Don't Leave Me
She Rocks
Shouldn't I Know?
Lovie Darling
The Wheel of Fortune
Under A Blanket Of Blue
Fix It
Born Into A Light
Go Easy
You Are My Only Love
Shouldn't I Know ?
Shoulldn't I Know
The End Of The Story
Kiss Me Baby
The Door Is Still Open (LP Version)
Crossed Out Name
Wheel Of Fortune - Single/LP Version
I'm Gonna Tell On You
Sink Ships
Let Us Down Easy
Natural Ghost
Shouldn't I Know (LP Version)
Like Yesterday
Shouldnt I Know
Two Things I Love
The Bump
I Won't Make You Cry Anymore
Hatchet Face
Tomato Juice
Here Goes My Heart To You
When You're Away
Shouldn't I Know - Single/LP Version
Even The Bad Times Are Good
Sure 'Nuff
One Love
Lovey Darling
Near You