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Albums by this artist:

Girl Of My Kind
Maybe Someday
Please Don't Go
I was blind
Please Let It Be
As Brothers Part
Not A Nun
Junk Dumb Jack
Dominoes & Chocolate Chip
Punky Daddy
The Power Of Our Fists
Day By Day
Cliché Baroque
It Could Be The Last Time
Indie Sassy Screwsters
Stuck Inside My Head
My Precious Time
Mild & Sweet
The Bumble Bees / Maybe Someday
A Girl Of My Kind
Distress Rockets
Echo Boogie
Aqua - Bumble Bees
A Girl Of My Kind (1967)
Too Much
Break the chain
I could cry
My Kind Of Girl
22 - The Bumble Bees - Girl of my kind
Break The Chain (1965)
Maybe Someday [1966]
Girl Of My Kind [1966]
09 - The Bumble Bees - Maybe someday
You (Holland)
Maybe Someday - (1966)
A Girl Called Love
Gilr Of My Kind
You (1966)
Girls Of My Kind
Day By Day (1966)
I Could Cry (1965)
Maybe Someday (1967)
Girl Of My Kind (1966)