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Albums by this artist:

Young At Heart
I'm Falling
Everybody's Somebody's Fool
Come Along
The Patriot Game
Forever More
Will She Always Be Waiting
All I Ever Said
Aim In Life
Some Sweet Day
Happy Birthday
Fall From Grace
Tender Mercy
Sugar Bridge (It Will Stand)
Cath (remix)
Happy Birthday (Turn Gold)
Smalltown Martyr
Wishful Thinking (Will She Always Be Waiting)
Learn To Love
Red Guitars
Orange County
South Atlantic Way
Sugar Bridge
Sugar Bridge - It Will Stand
Happy Birthday - Turn Gold
Wishful Thinking
No One Ever Waves Goodbye
Sweet Jesus
Cath - Remix
One Last Love Song
All I Am (Is Loving You)
Syracuse University
Young At Heart - Demo Version
A Thousand Times
You're Gonna Miss Me
East Green
Oh Dear
Wishful Thinking - Will She Always Be Waiting
Honest John
Stand Up Cowboy
Syracruse University
Red Guitar
God Forgives You