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Albums by this artist:

Tinseltown in the Rain
Let's Go Out Tonight
The Downtown Lights
Over the Hillside
From a late night train
A Walk Across the Rooftops
Headlights on the Parade
Saturday Night
Seven A.M.
Easter Parade
From Rags to Riches
Automobile Noise
The Days of Our Lives
I Would Never
Because of Toledo
She Saw the World
Soul Boy
Broken Loves
Stay Close
Everybody Else
Tomorrow Morning
Sentimental Man
Family Life
Love Came Down
Body and Soul
I Love This Life
War Is Love
God Bless You Kid
Holy Love
The Wires Are Down
The Second Act
Downtown Lights
Let's Go Out Tonight (Vocal 2)
Headlights On the Parade (Live in Tennessee)
Heatwave (Rhythm Mix)
Saturday Night (Vocal 2, Early Mix)
St. Catherine's Day
Tinseltown in the Rain - Mix
Stay (Little Mix)
Tomorrow Morning - 2013 Remaster
Seven A.M. - Live in Studio
Happiness - 2013 Remaster
Seven A.M. (Live in the Studio)