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Albums by this artist:

I'll Fly for You
Save a Prayer
Moments in Love
Wearing Retro
Take a Bow
Estou Feliz
Your Atmosphere
Shout (Original Mix)
Shout (Original Mix) [Madeche Relax]
You Simple
I’ll Fly For You
Break It
Estou Feliz (Original Mix)
Wearing Retro [Лаунж]
1*11 Fly for You
Save a Prayer (Duran Duran Cover)
Shout (by Tears for Fears)
Crazy (Seal Cover)
Take a Bow (Madonna Cover)
Josephine (by Chris Rea)
The Blue Hammock - Shout
020. The Blue Hammock - Moments in Love.mp3 - The Blue Hammock - Happy Valentines (20 Unforgettable Love Songs)
Shout (Tears For Fears cover)
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Shout (Original Mix) (Tears For Fears cover)
Wonderwall (Oasis Cover)
Pop Lounge, Vol. 1