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Albums by this artist:

The Wild Rover
Molly Malone
I'll Tell Me Ma
Muirsheen Durkin
Mountain Tae
Master McGrath
I'm a Rover
Bold O'Donaghue
Mountain Dew
Quare Bungle Rye
Gypsy Rover
The Cobbler
Inneskillen Dragoon
Dicey Reilly
Peggy Gordon
Many Young Men Of Twenty
Steal Away
Sweet Carnloch Bay
Crooked Jack
Black Velvet Band
Poor Paddy Works on the Railway
Seven Drunken Nights
Rock Road To Dublin
All For Me Grog
Lannigan's Ball
Finnegan's Wake
The Ferryman
Home Boys Home
Spanish Lady
Cod-Liver Oil/Coolies
The Holy Ground
Father O'Flynn/Irish Washerwoman/Blackberry Blossom
Mulrsheen Durkin
Wild Rover
Poor Paddy Works On The Railways
I'm Rover
The Irish Rover/Rakes Of Mallow
Rocky Road To Dublin
Пробуждение Финнигана
Семь пьяных ночей
Dirty old Town
Ребячий дом
Шар Ланнигана
Master McGarth
Paddle Me Own Canoe
Enniskillen Dragoon
Все для меня
The Currah Of Kildare
Carnloch Bay