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Albums by this artist:

Rock Creek Park
Walking in Rhythm
Do It, Fluid
Mysterious Vibes
Happy Music
The Runaway
Wilford's Gone
Gut Level
Summer Love
City Life
Soft and Easy
All I Ask
Supernatural Feeling
Unfinished Business
Spaced Out
April Showers
Blackbyrds Theme
Time Is Movin'
Love is Love
Dreaming About You
Funky Junkie
Hash And Eggs
A Hot Day Today
Life Styles
Blackbyrds' Theme
The Baby
Love So Fine
I Need You
Future Children, Future Hopes
Flying High
Enter In
Do It Fluid
Thankful 'Bout Yourself
The One-Eye Two-Step
The Blackbyrds' Theme
In Life
Party Land
Without Your Love
You've Got That Something
Don't Know What To Say
Love Don't Strike Twice
A Heavy Town
Something Special
Lookin' ahead
Mother/son Bedroom Talk
Street Games
Dancin' Dancin'