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Albums by this artist:

Rock Creek Park
Walking in Rhythm
Mysterious Vibes
Dreaming About You
Do It, Fluid
Happy Music
The Runaway
Wilford's Gone
Summer Love
April Showers
Soft and Easy
Gut Level
Supernatural Feeling
City Life
All I Ask
Spaced Out
Love is Love
Unfinished Business
Blackbyrds' Theme
Street Games
Funky Junkie
Time Is Movin'
Blackbyrds Theme
Hash And Eggs
A Hot Day Today
Life Styles
Love So Fine
The Baby
Flying High
I Need You
Future Children, Future Hopes
Thankful 'Bout Yourself
Enter In
Do It Fluid
The One-Eye Two-Step
Something Special
Lookin' ahead
The Blackbyrds' Theme
In Life
Party Land
Don't Know What To Say
Without Your Love
You've Got That Something
Love Don't Strike Twice
A Heavy Town
Mother/son Bedroom Talk
Dancin' Dancin'