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Albums by this artist:

The Silent Veil
Chasing The Sea
Mystical Melodies
Darling (Darling)
Would You Mind ?
Would You Mind
Are You Ever Gonna Love Me?
We Won't Let You Down
Every Hour of The Day
Does It Matter Now?
Walk Away Renée
Slow Sunday - Acoustic
We Won't Let You Down 
Mercedes Benz - Acoustic
Would You Mind ? - Acoustic
The Dalloways 
Mystical Melodies - Acoustic
Would You Mind?
Walk Away Renee
Mercedes Benz (Acoustic)
Slow Sunday (Acoustic)
Mystical Melodies (Acoustic)
Are you ever gonna Love me ?
Would You Mind ? (Acoustic)
The Silent Veil - Original Mix
Does it matter now ?
Chasing The Sea - Original Mix