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Albums by this artist:

The Quickening
Psychological Pyrotechnics
The Eclectic Benevolence
A Practice In Blackness
Operation Mind Harvest
Easy Way Out
The 49th Vibration
Mother Tongue
Alien Rape Table
Digital Acoustix
Jungle Weapon
Tank Face
Weapon Of Choice
A Slippery Lynx (feat. Shadow Fx)
Grinder Reminder (Rmx)
lost (part 1)
Lost (part 2)
A Slippery Lynx (Featuring Shadow Fx)
5 RV's & a Pound of K - Kalya Scintilla Remix
Lost Part 1
Lost Part 2
Jungle Weapon (Sensient Rmx)
Grinder Reminder
weapon of choice (aka i think it might be horse shit)
Mother Tongue (Smoke Sign Rmx)
Suburban Sorcerer
Jungle Weapon (Sensient Remix)
Electric Church
The Quickening - Dharana Remix
Escape Sequence
Random Central
Suburban Sorcerer - Smoke Sign and Dr. Strangefunk Remix
Mother Tongue (Smoke Sign Remix)
A Slippery Lynx
The Eclectic Benevolence (Interpulse Remix)
The Eclectic Benevolence (MP3)
Grinder Reminder (Remix)
The Quickening (Dharana Remix)
Electric Church - Original Mix
Awakened - Original Mix
The Eclectic Benevolence - Interpulse Remix
Practice in Blackness
Relentless Internal Concerto - Part 1 - Original Mix
Grinder Reminder [remix from original trk Earthstar by Suncontrolspecies]
Grinder Reminder - Original Mix
Random Central - Original Mix
Suburban Sorcerer - Dr Strangefunk Remix