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Albums by this artist:

Over the Wall
Into the Pit
The New Order
Alone in the Dark
Trial by Fire
Burnt Offerings
Disciples of the Watch
The Haunting
Souls of Black
First Strike is Deadly
Practice What You Preach
Return to Serenity
More Than Meets The Eye
Electric Crown
The Preacher
The Evil Has Landed
The Legacy
Down for Life
The Formation Of Damnation
Raging Waters
Eerie Inhabitants
Apocalyptic City
Do or Die
For The Glory Of...
The Ballad
True Believer
Dangers Of The Faithless
Face in the Sky
Killing Season
Sins of Omission
Nobody's Fault
Eyes of Wrath
The Persecuted Won't Forget
Legions of the Dead
Rise Up
Native Blood
A Day of Reckoning
Greenhouse Effect
D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)
3 Days in Darkness
Perilous Nation
Riding the Snake
Beginning of the End
Dog Faced Gods
Careful What You Wish For
Trail of Tears