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Albums by this artist:

Dead Cult
Piercing the Veils of Slumber
Triumph of Heretic Fire
Black Sun of the Damned
Hate is my Name
Divine Scythe
Lord of Knowledge and Death
Poisoned Words
Vectors to the Void
Blessings of Blackfire
bitter days
Magna Gloria Tua
Living Fleshthrone
Traitors To Mankind
Graveyard Of Disgust
Slaves to the Beast
Under The Spell
Bleeding Thoughts
Visions Of Carnage
Arcana Silentium
Crawling In Blood And Puke
Black Redeeming Flame
Death Inquisition
Dictum Ignis
Flames Of Baal
Holy Art Thou
The 10th Aethyr
Golden Wings Of Azazel
All in Your Name
Gnosis Of Fire
Triumphing Blasphemy
το αστέρι 418
Towards Eternal Death
Walls Of Fire
Lord Of The Raging Seas
Years Of Hatred
Serpens Luminis
Deathblessed (At The Hornlike Spears)
Gates Of Death
Tempting the Bastard
Ordeals of the Void
Faces of the Void
When Mankind Falls
To Aotepi 418
Spirit Of Vertova