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Ca Plane Pour Moi
Everything's Alright
This Is Stupendous
Ça Plane Pour Moi
Love and Love Songs
Illegal Donkey Kong Remix
Take Me Home
Ronald Reagan's Cousin
Sing Song
Let's All Sleep Together
Making Myths
All Ours
I'm Just An Idiot
Salad Days
Hand Claps in E Major
Run Gun Sun
Surely the Sun Will Explode
While We're Asleep
Open Air
Five Years Late
Feels Alright
Speak Softly
Meanderings and Musings
Seven Years
Don't Take This Away
Farewell, New York
The Wise Ones All Give Up
Hard To Tell
Take What You Can't Make
This Is Stupendous (2012)
Parting Thoughts To The Next In Line
Chase You Down
I Wouldn't Change A Thing
Team Genius, 'Roaring'
Donkey Kong Remix
Ca Plane Pour Moi (Plastic Bertrand cover)
Dying Cow Sounds
Everythings Alright
Ronald Reagan’s Cousin
Take What You Can’t Make
Ca Plane Pour Moi Teamgenius
Bramble Scramble
Lets all sing together
Spek Softly
Loud Songs - EP - Ca Plane Pour Moi