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Albums by this artist:

Bad Boy Good Man
Geraldines Routine
A Cool Cat In Town (feat. Brenda Boykin)
La Passifleur
Madame Coquette
A Bossa Love
Love on a Rainy Day
Senorita Bonita
A Cool Cat in Town
Bad Boy Good Man (Feat. Henrik Wager) - Aerophon Mix
Bad Boy Good Man - Aerophon Mix
Dixie Biscuit
Club De Cigale
Taxi To Bombay
Femme Libertan
Fabulous Swing Kid
Bossa For A Coup
Black Cotton Blues
Cats Walk Underground
Madame Coquette (feat. Yuliet Topaz)
Avenue du gare
Ice from Russia
The Smell of the Sidewalk
Bad Boy Good Man (feat. Henrik Wager)
Bunga Book
A View to a Kill
Sandbank (Hear the Mermaids Cry)
Metro Bebop Scene
Pantaloons (feat. Yuliet Topaz)
Permanent Midnight
Longitude 54-21
Three Butterflies
I Spy You
Cancun (A Tribute To Henry Mancini)
Madame Coquette - Aerophon Mix
Dixie Biscuit - Radio Edit
The Flappers Delight (feat. Yuliet Topaz)
Swingfood Mood
Peace Patrol
Tintarella Di Luna
Slow Serenade
On The Run
Tango for a spy
Dixie Biscuit (feat. Henrik Wager)
Tequila - Swing Patrol Mix