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Delta Dawn
Two Sparrows In A Hurricane
It's A Little Too Late
Would You Lay with Me (In a Field of Stone)
Texas (When I Die)
Down To My Last Teardrop
If Your Heart Ain't Busy Tonight
San Antonio Stroll
Love Me Like You Used To
Strong Enough to Bend
Some Kind Of Trouble
What's Your Mama's Name Child
Walking Shoes
The Jamestown Ferry
Blood Red And Goin' Down
Just Another Love
Oh What It Did to Me
Tell Me About It
The Man That Turned My Mama On
If It Don't Come Easy
Blood Red And Going Down
Here's Some Love
Old Dan Tucker's Daughter
What's Your Mama's Name
Bring My Flowers Now
I Won't Take Less Than Your Love
(Without You) What Do I Do With Me
I'll Come Back As Another Woman
One Love At a Time
Little Things
My Arms Stay Open All Night
Don't Go Out
It Won't Be Me
Hangin' In
Don't Believe My Heart Can Stand Another You
Pecos Promenade
Mustang Ridge
I Believe The South Is Gonna Rise Again
Love's The Answer
Hard Luck
No Man's Land
The Wheels Of Laredo
Baby I'm Yours
Would You lay With Me
Can I See You Tonight
We Don't Have To Do This
Lizzie And The Rainman
What Child Is This?
San Antonio Stroll - Single Version