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Albums by this artist:

Reflecting Moon
Tây Ninh
Wrong Number
Tanimura Midnight - Tây Ninh
Diamond Dragon
Rendezvous Sauvage
Ruby Dare
Generation Sword
Myogi NightKids
Zero Hour
Weird Promise
Wing Sung
Tomei Expressway
Tears Disappeared In The Night
Roppongi Hills
Saturday Night Flight
Ninja Gaiden End Theme
Night City Console
Perceptual Cybernetics
Fading Light
Shinkansen October 2026
Xīqìguǐ 2018211316
Wrong Number - Anniversary Remaster
Rendezvous Sauvage (Brahm Remix)
Night City Console (Brahm Remix)
Love Screens To Vapor Dreams (ミニテルは無効にします)
Love Screens to Vapor Dreams
Night City Console - Brahm Remix
Bounce Mofo (Live HM2 Machinima Mix)
Tвy Ninh
Xiqigui 2018211316
Rendezvous Sauvage - Brahm Remix
Ta?y Ninh
Wrong Number (2018 Master)
Wrong Number (Anniversary Remaster)
Hanjin Pier 11