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Love Is Contagious
I & I
Never Givin' Up
Wouldn't You Love to Love Me?
If I Could Get Your Attention
Fly for Your Painted Rainbow
Take Me for a Ride
Baby's Got a Lover
Mama 16
How Could You Do Me So Bad?
Love Is Contagious (Ben Liebrand Remix)
I Feel
A Lot Like You
Making Love to the Air
Toys of Vanity
Wake Before I Die
Fleet of Angels
Killing Time
Trouble Having You Near
Love Is Contagious (Edit)
Sub-Conscious Me
Perpetual Motion
Chase Temptation
Even Odd You
Fountains Free
Little Butterfly
I'm Givin' In
Nothing Rules Your Soul
What a State of Love
Fleet of Angels (No Drums)
Fierce Desire
The Power of Your Love (You and I)
Forever in Love
Love Is Contagious (Extended Mix)
Died Alive
Tell G-D
Good Times
Trouble Having You Near (radio mix)
Glass of You
Have Some Fun
Under The Brooklyn Bridge
Love Is Contagious (Instrumental Dub)
Taja Sevelle-Love Is Contagious
Little Diva