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Albums by this artist:

Lovers Rock
Not Allowed
Birds Dont Sing
Cigarettes out the Window
Hate Yourself
The Blonde
Taking What's Not Yours
Daughter of a Cop
Loving Machine
The Getaway
Song About Me
Talk to Strangers
Her and Her Friend
Heaven Is a Bedroom
Come When You Call
(Do The) Act Like You Never Met Me
Blue Hair
For You
Pretty Boy
Till You Tell Me to Leave
7 Days Til Sunday
My Girlfriend
She Smokes in Bed
If You Want It
Natalie Wood
Cynical One
Every Stupid Actress
Lonely Girls
The Night in Question
King of Echo Park
Easier to Cry
I Wonder Who She's Kissing Now
It Almost Worked
On Land
Girls Like Me
Drift Down
Legendary Lovers
Benny and the Jetts
Death of a Party Girl
baby you were there
Sleeping with the Enemy
The Desolation Tango
Lizzy Come Back to Life