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Albums by this artist:

Get It On
Children Of The Revolution
20th Century Boy
Cosmic Dancer
Bang A Gong (Get It On)
Metal Guru
Mambo Sun
Teenage Dream
I Love to Boogie
Telegram Sam
Life's a Gas
Hot Love
Ride A White Swan
Planet Queen
Lean Woman Blues
The Motivator
Rip Off
Ballrooms of Mars
Solid Gold Easy Action
The Slider
Mystic Lady
Spaceball Ricochet
Rock On
Buick Mackane
Chariot Choogle
Baby Strange
Baby Boomerang
Born To Boogie
New York City
20th Century Boy - 2012 Remaster
Light Of Love
Bang a Gong (Get It On) - Remastered Version
Rabbit Fighter
Main Man
Life Is Strange
Hot Love - A Side
One Inch Rock
Children of the Revolution - 2012 Remaster
Diamond Meadows
The Groover
Dandy In The Underworld
Laser Love
Raw Ramp
Truck On (Tyke)
Mambo Sun - Remastered