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Albums by this artist:

Lucky Star
The Young MC
Lucky Star (feat. Ron Carroll)
Last Dance In Copacabana
It's Like Jazz
Endless Street
Shake Your Body
Here I Am
Back to Disco
Hold Up
Lucky Star (album mix)
Lucky Star (Solomun Remix)
Come back (Supamix)
La Guerre Du Funk
Ragga MC 2012 - Superfunk Reboot Remix
Lucky Star (Radio Edit)
Under the Shower With Paul Johnson
Electrique !
Lucky Star (feat. Ron Carroll) [Radio Edit]
Lucky Star (The Disco Boys Remix)
Come Back
Sugar Pop
To Marseille from Paris
Lucky Star - Radio Edit
To Marseille From Paris (Dim's megamix/interlude by Dimitri From Paris)
Lucky Star - Solomun Remix
Last Dance (And I Come Again) (Eric Morillo Dub) with Rolling Stones: Sympathy with the Devil
The young MC (album edit)
Come Back (Mike 303 Mix)
Electric Dance (Mondo Remix)
Lucky Star feat. Ron Carroll
Last Dance (And I Come Over)
The Young Mc (Radio Edit)
Let's Bounce With DJ LBR (interlude by DJ LBR)
Young MC
Let's Bounce With Dj LBR (Interlude)
Lucky Star 20th Anniversary Mix (feat. Ron Carroll) [Radio Edit]
Under the Shower (with Paul Johnson) (Interlude by P. Johnson)
Under the Shower With Paul Johnson (interlude by P. Johnson)
Under the shower
Let's bounce (with DJ LBR) (Interlude by DJ LBR)
Ragga Mc 2012 - Superfunk Reboot Mix
Brixton Bass 95° (feat. Ed & G) (Interlude by Sexy Kool)
Lucky Star [Album Mix]
To Marseille from Paris - Interlude By Dimitri from Paris
Hold Up (Album Mix)