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Albums by this artist:

No Pity for a Coward
You Only Live Once
Wake Up
Bludgeoned to Death
The Price of Beauty
Hands Of A Killer
No Time to Bleed
The Fallen
Girl of Glass
The Disease
Eyes Sewn Shut
In a Photograph
Fuck Everything
Something Invisible
Revelations (Intro)
Green Monster
Slaves to Substance
Your Creations
Destruction of a Statue
Human Violence
...and Then She Bled
Ending Is the Beginning
March to the Black Crown
Witness The Addiction
Cross-Eyed Catastrophe
The Only Thing That Sets Us Apart
Distorted Thought of Addiction
Cancerous Skies
About A Plane Crash
You Can't Stop Me
Destruction of a Statue (Hidden Track)
Cease To Exist
Love Me To Death
Sacred Words
Inherit The Crown
Two Steps
Stand Strong
Don't Die