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Albums by this artist:

Turtles All The Way Down
In Bloom
Breakers Roar
Brace For Impact (Live A Little)
Life Of Sin
Welcome To Earth (Pollywog)
The Promise
Keep It Between The Lines
Living The Dream
Long White Line
All Around You
Sea Stories
Just Let Go
Sing Along
Call To Arms
Oh Sarah
It Ain't All Flowers
A Little Light
Sugar Daddy - Theme from Vinyl
Remember To Breathe
You Can Have The Crown
Life Ain't Fair And The World Is Mean
Make Art Not Friends
Mercury In Retrograde
A Good Look
Railroad of Sin
Best Clockmaker On Mars
Water in a Well
Sitting Here Without You
All Said And Done
Some Days
The Storm
Last Man Standing
Panbowl - Bonus Track
Time After All
Fastest Horse In Town
Old King Coal
I'd Have to be Crazy
Poor Rambler
The Dead Don't Die
Pan Bowl (bonus track)
A Little Light Within
Panbowl (Bonus Track)
Sugar Daddy (Theme from Vinyl)
Pan Bowl
Sugar Daddy
Life Ain't Fair & the World Is Mean