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Albums by this artist:

Worlds Away
She Controls Me
The Second That I Saw You
Love Becomes Electric
Love Games
Kiss in the Dark
World's Away
Running Away
Automatic Sighs
Hold On to the Nite
Home of the Brave
Blue Fire
One Chance in a Million
Sister Radio
I'll Be the One to Cry
We Run (extended single mix)
Till the Stars Fall
Lost in Your Eyes
Love Games (Dance Mix)
We Run (Advanced Mix)
Just Like You
Who Lives Next Door
Love Becomes Electric - Remastered
the sounds of life
Alien Time
Worlds Away (Reprise)
This Island Earth
Nor Crystal Tears
Hold You
Love Is Strange
Wild Blue
Crying in the Ocean
Rock and Whirl
Ultimate Angels
Reprise "World's Away"
Water Music
Perfect Day
Worlds Away - Reprise
Till the Stars Fall - Remastered
Hold You - Remastered
Love Becomes Electric (Extended Club Mix) - Remastered
Worlds Away (edit)
Do What You Want
Who Lives Next Door - Remastered
We Run - Advance Mix
We Run (Extended)