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This Is More
Against Them All
Enough Is Enough
We Still Believe
Accessory Children
Where The Sun Never Sleeps
Part Of Me
Fire With Fire
Driving Force
For What It's Worth
Tonights Entertainment
We Must Look Like Ants From Up There
We're What Seperates the Heart From the Heartless
What Goes Around
Such Pain
Compassion Without Compromise
Faith In The Untamed
Looking for the Surface
Our Demise
Wolves At The Door
Empty Heads
For The Kids, By The Kids
All Time Low
A Badge, A Brand
Some Kind Of Hope
Ring Loud (Last Hope)
There Is No I In Team
This Is Where My Heart Lies
Industry of Infamy
Bringing You Down
Left You Behind
Beyond The Sun
Fashion Or Facist
Life In A Box
Built Upon The Sand
Life Through Western Eyes
D(I Am)ond
What Choice Did You Give Us?
Married To The Noise
It Starts With Me