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Albums by this artist:

now he dreams
December Train
Playground Martyrs
Ballad Of A Deadman
Cancelled Pieces
Sow The Salt
Gap Of Cloud
Conversation Over
A Way Of Disappearing
Life Moves On
Mending A Secret
Playground Martyrs (Reprise)
Memory of an Imagined Place
Isle of View (Music for Helicopter Pilots)
Her Distance
Diaphanous One
And Birds Sing All Night
Simple Day
Faced With Nothing
Give Yourself A Name
Ballad of A Newborn Dad
Lonely Valentine
She Wants Me, Too
She Will
Captured (feat. Thomas Feiner)
Fool's Gold
Colloquium Terminat
Ringing The Bell Backwards
Ballad Of A Deadman - Live
Deadman's Ballad
Swim There
Sadness (feat. Melentini)
Recovery Room
Let Go
Playground Martyrs (feat. David Sylvian)
Her Distance (feat. Perry Blake)
Pieces Cancelled
Gap Of Cloud/A Way Of Disappearing/Playground Martyrs
Sow The Salt (feat. Thomas Feiner)
Ballad Of A Deadman (Feat. David Sylvian & Joan Wasser)
Faced With Nothing (feat. Nicola Hitchcock)
Sleepyard (feat. Tim Elsenburg)
Played Out
Give Yourself a Name (feat. Tim Elsenburg)
Sleepyard (Ft. Tim Elsenburg)