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Albums by this artist:

Copperhead Road
Guitar Town
The Galway Girl
The Devil's Right Hand
Feel Alright
Johnny Come Lately
Meet Me In The Alleyway
My Old Friend The Blues
Hillbilly Highway
Snake Oil
Transcendental Blues
Way Down In The Hole
Fearless Heart
This City
Goodbye's All We've Got Left
Satellite Radio
Tennessee Blues
Reconsider Me
Good Ol' Boy (Gettin' Tough)
Christmas in Washington
Down Here Below
Even When I'm Blue
Think It Over
Back To The Wall
Lonelier Than This
Until The Day I Die
Another Town
Down The Road
Sparkle And Shine
You Belong To Me
I Ain't Ever Satisfied
Ellis Unit One
Telephone Road
Rich Man's War
Hard-Core Troubadour
Oxycontin Blues
More Than I Can Do
The Revolution Starts Now
I Can Wait
Nothing But A Child
I Feel Alright
Pancho And Lefty
When I Fall
Little Rock 'N' Roller
Steve's Last Ramble
Waitin' On The Sky