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Albums by this artist:

Born to Be Wild
Magic Carpet Ride
The Pusher
Born To Be Wild - Single Version
Rock Me
It's Never Too Late
Sookie Sookie
Hey Lawdy Mama
Snowblind Friend
Move Over
Ride With Me
Don't Step On The Grass, Sam
Jupiter's Child
Your Wall's Too High
Everybody's Next One
The Ostrich
Screaming Night Hog
For Ladies Only
Hoochie Coochie Man
Who Needs Ya
Berry Rides Again
Take What You Need
A Girl I Knew
Sleeping Dreaming
Happy Birthday
Chicken Wolf
Cat Killer
Tighten Up Your Wig
Don't Cry
God Fearing Man
Round And Down
Lovely Meter
She'll Be Better
Sookie, Sookie
Mango Juice
Jupiter Child
Faster Than The Speed Of Life
Foggy Mental Breakdown
Hippo Stomp
Power Play
None Of Your Doing
Magic Carpet Ride (Album Version)
Draft Resister