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Albums by this artist:

Cop Song
Tom Bombadil
Saint George
New Church
The Match of the Yellow Lizard
Iron Tyrant
Astronavi Domani
Amazing Aurakaria
Stöner Kebab
Imber Vulgi
Mad Donna
St. Lucy
New Evil Through Evil
Sex Sex Sex
My Cold Jackson
The Monster
hidden track
Amazing Auriakaria
Ghost Track
Stцner Kebab
Stoner Kebab (+ Untitled Psychedelic Track)
Colder Than A Sad Face
Balkanian Sister
06. The Monster
For demonstration purposes only
Everything fades to white
Super Doom
To see coming inside from the inside
Too, Really, Concrete
07 Superdoom
01 Tom Bombadil
02 Viverna
04 Astronavi Domani
05 Ibuki
03 Iron Tyrant
7- Superdoom
2- Viverna
2- Amazing Auriakaria
1- Tom Bombadil
4- Astronavi Domani
3- Iron Tyrant
1- Cop Song
5- Ibuki