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Albums by this artist:

Live Without Her Love
B-A-B-Y Baby Love
No Time Tomorrow
Walking Down The Kings Road
Does Stephanie Know?
My Mind Goes Round In Circles
It's a Mod Mod World
Still Do It
Walking Down the King's Road
I've Got You On My Mind
Get Ready To Go
Make Love To You
Face Of Youth Today
The Youth Of Today Are Gonna Make It
Livin' In The City
Universal Infinite - Collé Remix
The Face of Youth Today
Times Change
Girl On A Train
September Gurls
I Know A Girl
Every Trick (In the Book of Love)
I Don't Get Satisfaction
To Keep Me Satisfied
Pretty Little Lies
Don't Cry To Me
Noonday Underground
The Life
Take A Look
I Put My Arms Around Her
Saturday Shopping
Over You
You're The One
It's Too Bad
Still Belong to Me (feat. Russ & Emmanuel Davis)
The Young Idea
I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
The Place I Used To Live
Standing In The Rain
It's Getting Better
City Cemetery
Stop That Girl
Midnight Gardens
You Don't See Me
Debbie Jones