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Albums by this artist:

Up The Junction
Cool For Cats
Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)
Another Nail In My Heart
Goodbye Girl
Black Coffee In Bed
Is That Love
Take Me I'm Yours
Labelled With Love
Annie Get Your Gun
If I Didn't Love You
Cool For Cats - Single Edit
Slap and Tickle
Heaven Knows
Christmas Day
Slap & Tickle
In Quintessence
King George Street
Trust Me To Open My Mouth
Last Time Forever
If It's Love
Separate Beds
Take Me, I'm Yours
Some Fantastic Place
No Place Like Home
Tempted by the Fruit of Another
Vicky Verky
I Think I'm Go Go
Love Circles
Farfisa Beat
This Summer
Loving You Tonight
Someone Else's Heart
It's So Dirty
Take Me I'm Yours - Single Edit
Here Comes That Feeling
Wrong Side Of The Moon
Vanity Fair
There At The Top
Woman's World
Another Nail for My Heart
Slightly Drunk
It's Not Cricket
The Knack