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Albums by this artist:

Blue Jeans
Sweet Kisses
Saturday Night
Without You
Wake Up (Radio Video Single Version)
Drop Your Pants
Scandy Randy
Hot Ski-Teeny
Tic Tac
Wishing You Were Here
Roller Baby
Girls, Girls, Girls
Wake Up
High Heels
What Will I Do
Choo Choo Bubblegum
Juke Box
Scandy Randy (Dance Radio Version)
Holiday Love
Bang Bang (Everytime You Want)
Blue Jeans (Dance Radio Single)
High Heelz
High Heels (Chris Vs &Rew's Radio Cut)
Blue Jeans (Dance-Radio Single)
Hot Bikini - Radio Edit
Hot Bikini
Without You (Radio Video Single)
Scandy Randy (Handyman Mix)
Get It Right
Hot Bikini (Radio Edit)
Sweet Kisses (Extended Mix)
Remember Summertime - Radio Video Version
Rio Fever
Remember Summertime - Extended Mix
Rock 'n Roll Baby
Be My Little Baby
Street Jam
Roller Baby (Album Edit)
Drop Your Pants (Rodeo Radio Drive)
Boom Boom
Pink Cadillac
To Be Continued
Bang Bang (album edit)
Turn Me Upside Down
Hot Bikini (Extended Version)