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Albums by this artist:

Nova Heart
Romantic Traffic
Arias & Symphonies
Nova Heart - Original Single
Old Emotions
Nova Heart - (Original Single)
Trade Winds
Smiling In Winter
One In Ten Words
Tell No Lies
Blow Away
No Electrons
South American Vacation
Talk Back
No More Growing Up
Conventional Beliefs
The Rhythm
A Girl In Two Pieces
Walk The Plank
Red Light
Nova Heart - Extended Mix
Nova Heart (Extended Mix)
Breaking In
Nova Heart - 12" Extended Mix
Tell No Lies - Extended
When Time Turns Around
End of Story
You Light Up
Star Maps
Escape With You
Camera Shy
Out Of My Hands
Quiet World
Stick Figure Neighbourhood
Don't Shoot The Messenger
For Tran
Time Stands Still
Bridges Over Borders
Nova heart (12''mix)
My Favourite Page
Ice Age
Only for Athletes
B Movie
Dropped Dishes
Capitol Hill